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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life as Final Year Student



life as final year student is not that cool anymore.
when your few last steps need to face with all the workloads that you really cant expect it.
something need you to haiyaaa, zassss and watchaaaa....
either you want it or not, that's the university requirement for your graduation
time management, stress control, peer pressure are all the main important agenda of today education implicitly before facing a real life especially as engineer.

currently, i'm doing my design project entitled production of food grade fatty acid, final year project entitled activated carbon from areca catechu waste, term paper petroleum entitled Fischer tropsch process, term paper effluent entitled sonocatalytic degradation of organics in wastewater, lab report and a bundle of assignments plus essays for my optional subject Mandarin (JUST OPTIONAL!). ist fun? ist a joke? yes, NO! a very big NO!!!

when I get all these tasks, seriously I cant handle it. I need a proper planning to do one by one. ops not.. two by two maybe..but, my planning is just in mind, not real. i stuck at the starting point, the engine to drive me, the passion, the spirit, the eagerness to do tasks like this. YEAH! I'm blank. thus, end up with doing nothing. yes, nothing...

so, this blog writing is just fun enough for me to rest a bit while doing all those incredible tasks!


I need to struggle myself to face this reality, to force myself to do all the tasks with a sweet smile in my face and a wonderful pleasure. due date is coming towards me, I cant run from it. so, the only choice i have is only one!
yeah ONE!


Stop writing this and start working on all those excellent pieces of loads!

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